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Dr. Sean Moriarty, DMD at Mor Smiles. A native of Pennsylvania and graduate of Penn State, Dr. Sean Moriarty of Mor Smiles in Lancaster has been a full-time dentist since 2006. He takes great pride in making sure his business provides the highest level of clinical care in a relaxed environment for his patients. Most of his focus has been on advanced procedures such as the placement of dental implants and IV sedation to allow him a more complete range of treatment options available to his patients. Mor Smiles advises that in order to stay healthy between visits to Moriarty in Lancaster, five big steps should be followed. They are brushing your teeth longer, flossing better, protecting your smiles, consuming less snacks, and maintaining your white teeth. With over one hundred hours in continued education for dentistry, Moriarty is proud to own a business with an exceptional staff to provide patients with a world class experience. Photo credits:

Living Healthy In Lancaster A healthy lifestyle when living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania should come down to three main factors for any resident.

By Joseph Finn

Lancaster’s Three Health Factors

  • Access
  • Affordability
  • Outcomes

The quality of living in Lancaster has many health benefits for people compared to most cities in Pennsylvania. The city’s healthier lifestyle has been measured by the people who choose to take advantage of the opportunity. It’s ranked ninth in both health outcomes and health factors, and sixth for healthy behaviors in the state. About 83 percent of adults who live in Lancaster choose not to smoke, and around 71 percent of adults that report a body mass index are less than 30. Also, 86 percent of adults in Lancaster have health insurance and 79 percent report substantial leisure time for physical activity. This shows that Lancaster has an exceptional living environment for residents.

According to the Pennsylvania Health Care Quality Alliance website, the appropriate care measures given to patients at the Lancaster General Hospital has exceptional percentage rates in all of the below categories compared to the average Pennsylvania hospital rate, all except for heart attack care, which was below by only five percent.

Lancaster General Hospital

  • Overall Appropriate Care: 98%
  • Heart Attack Care: 91%
  • Heart Failure Care: 100%
  • Pneumonia Care: 99%
  • Surgical Care: 97%
  • Preventive Care: 97%
  • Stroke Care: 99%
  • Venous Thromboembolism Care: 99%

    Jan L. Bergen, President & Chief Executive Officer of Lancaster General Health.            Bergen provides her executive leadership to the Lancaster General Health system. This includes hospitals, suburban and downtown outpatient pavilions, physician network, and service lines. As the president and chief executive officer, Bergen is also responsible for making sure that Lancaster General Health’s services stay true to the organization’s mission upon delivery, and are easily accessible to all the people in the communities they serve. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in social work from Lafayette College. Berger, before coming to Lancaster General in 2000, was senior vice president for Bryn Mawr Hospital, as well as CEO and President of Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Center. Having more than 30 years of healthcare exepriecne, Bergen has been responsible for the management of hospitals, ambulatory centers, and rehabilitation centers.              Photo credits:

Pennsylvania Rate

  • Overall Appropriate Care: 94%
  • Heart Attack Care: 96%
  • Heart Failure Care: 100%
  • Pneumonia Care: 97%
  • Surgical Care: 97%
  • Preventive Care: 93%
  • Stroke Care: 95%
  • Venous Thromboembolism Care: 95%

Sustainability At Lancaster 

Many events hosted in Lancaster help promote sustainable healthy living in our country. The America Recycles Day that occurs on November 15 in the city is one of the thousands of communities across the United States that participates in environmental citizenship and takes action to increase and improve recycling in the nation. Also, the Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority is partnering with many municipalities, community organizations, and the Penn State Master Gardeners of Lancaster County in order to conduct home compost workshops. Residents will learn how to properly recycle any organic waste they find in their kitchens and gardens without having to simply put them in the trash.

According to Lancaster Online, the housing market in Lancaster, Pennsylvania is the healthiest in the nation.                 

Consume vitamins daily for a boost in bodily strength and health.  Photo by Joseph Finn Jr.

A Transportation Partnership

One healthy way to keep yourself in shape is by riding bikes. A partnership between Lancaster and Zagster allows the launch of an intriguing new bike share program with six docking stations around the city.  People can check out the website for Zagster at or download their mobile app to find a close location for a set of wheels.

What was once a corporation initially built to provide mobile mental health services for county-funded individuals, Behavioral Healthcare Corporation in Lancaster provides mobile clinical services, such as psychiatric nursing, occupational therapy, psychotherapy, and social rehabilitation. Now, as of 2007, they expanded their services to include a psychiatric outpatient clinic. Also, 2016 saw them add mobile psychiatric nursing services, mobile social rehabilitation, and outpatient psychotherapy. Behavioral Healthcare Corporation focuses on approaching anything as a team, which enables them to benefit clients from a dedicated professional team of psychotherapy, psychiatry, and nursing staff. Representing over 670 years of clinical experience, Behavioral Healthcare Corporation has been helping people for over a decade that are struggling with life’s problems in order to restore their mental health.  Photo credits:

What You Should Remember

Finally, an important thing to remember is to take advantage of any of the health services located in Lancaster. Always make sure you are also contributing to better your environment by recycling and cleaning up your waste.

Eating healthy and keeping your body in shape should also take top priority.  Whether seeing your doctor, dentist, or chiropractor, Lancaster has exceptional businesses that are dedicated to providing patients with the most renowned and beneficial experience possible.

Remember to eat plenty of fruit regularly.  Photo by Joseph Finn Jr.

Drink water frequently.                 Photo by Joseph Finn Jr.

You are able to pick your own fruit at the Cherry Hill Orchards in Lancaster!!                       One of these businesses, Lancaster General Health, located on Queen Street in Lancaster City, is the non-profit healthcare system that started out as Lancaster General Hospital, and has been dedicated to providing healthcare to the community of Lancaster since 1893.

Timeline for Lancaster General Health

Information from Lancaster General Health. Graphic by Joseph Finn Jr.

Make sure you are staying healthy and fit while living in the beautiful city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania!!

For more information on managing your health while in Lancaster, please check out:


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