Greenfield Corporate Center

By Brittany Wier


Photo Cred: Brittany Wier; Sign in front of the Greenfield Corporate Center

Breathtaking views, welcoming community, and large opportunity for small businesses are all things that describe Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. All of these things can be found at the Greenfield Corporate Center located on William Penn Way. Greenfield Corporate Center offers high-value office space or real estate for lease from warehouses, flex, and light manufacturing facilities for any business. This corporate center is managed by High Associated Ltd. on sight. High Associates is a leading manager and developer for commercial and residential properties. Over 250 businesses have made the Greenfield Corporate Center their home.     

Photo Cred: Brittany Wier

COMMITMENT TO THE ENVIRONMENT:                             Over the past five years, the team at Greenfield has invested over $5,500,000 in energy consumption reduction improvements. These different improvements include High efficiency HVAC system replacements, exterior and interior lighting updates, and enhanced insulation ratings on roofs. Multiple buildings in the corporate center have achieved the Energy Star designation. Greenfield plans on investing another $5,000,000 over the next five years.


Photo Cred: Brittany Wier; High office building

At High Real Estate Group there is a team of certified professionals who are able to assist clients in creating energy-efficient and environmentally friendly projects. Greenfield Architects and High Construction Company teamed up to deliver a Silver Leed Certified project. Construction standards for High’s commercial and multi family residential properties include environmentally friendly standards. These standards include:

  • Energy Star-rated equipment
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Motion Sensors on lighting and plumbing fixtures
  • Low-VOC paints/sealants/adhesives
  • Carpeting made from recycled materials      


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Gregory C. Cassel is the Commercial Asset Manager for High Real Estate Group. He is responsible for providing portfolio information that will benefit High’s investment portfolio. Mr Cassel joined the High Real Estate Group in 2005 as a Senior Financial Analyst. Before this he spent years with Freddi Mac where he advanced his knowledge of multifamily/ commercial real estate industry. He is a graduate of George Mason University and holds a B.S. in Economics. Mr. Cassel stays involved with his community through the Capital Area Soccer Association, Old Iron Estates Home Owners Association, and the Penn Colonial Swim club.




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Kim M. Long, PM, is the Director of Real Estate Operation at High Associates. She is responsible for overseeing the commercial operation IT platform as well as the property management activities in over 90 buildings. She joined High Associates in 1996 as the Commercial Property Manager for the Greenfield Corporate Center and other real estate companies located throughout Lancaster County. Ms.Long graduated from Eastern University with  B.A. in Organizational Management and a Masters degree in Business Administration. She participates in community service groups around Lancaster such as Leadership Lancaster and the American Cancer Society.


Photo Cred: Brittany Wier; Ripbarian Buffer outside the corporate center

Greenfield Corporate Center has a strong commitment to nature conservation. They are improving the Chesapeake Bay and the quality of surface water by restoring the riparian buffers. These repairs extent to sections of Stauffer Run and an unnamed tributary. The total length for these buffers is one mile long and cost about $50,000 in excess. Recently, the federal and state officials recognized Pennsylvania recipients of $5.8 million in grant funding to protect the Chesapeake Bay. The grants were awarded through the Chesapeake Bay Stewardship Fund.  DCNR Policy Director, Sara Nicholas said,

“The overall goal is to streamline the entire riparian forest buffer process from start to finish to improve local water quality and wildlife habitat, and to reduce nutrient sediment pollution flowing from Pennsylvania into the Chesapeake Bay”

The project will take place in Lancaster and six other Pennsylvania counties.


Photo Cred:; Special leather used for Sustainable Composites products

Consumption is growing everyday in different parts of our lives. There are consumer goods, consumption of materials, consumption of energy, and consumption of historic proportions. With this growing demand there is a greater problem for the environment. The storage in our landfills is increasing our waste at a rate of six million tons every day. Sustainable Composites is an LLC that is committed to reclaiming waste and turning it into high demand fashion products. They want to transport that “waste” and bring it back into the factory. Sustainable Composites provides manufacturers and retailers with environmentally friendly materials produced using sustainable concerned processing. One of the main composites that they use is called enspire leather. This product was designed by scientists using waste from tanneries that would normally go to landfills. Enspire is an environmentally and economically smart substitute to leather. It contains 100% pre-consumer recycled leather fiber.

Photo Cred: Brittany Wier

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