Millersville University Journey to Being Green

Environmental Position: Millersville University up until 2018 never did much to be green with their campus and to better the environment. Early in the year it was announced that the Lombardo Welcome Center would be the first building on campus to join the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s and Green Power Partnership. The Lombardo Welcome center is a state-of-the-art Net-zero build which was designed to generate all of its own power. It collects its power through a whole bunch of solar panels on the roof of the building. The new university building has made double the amount of energy as it has used since opening in March. Millersville University has now made a goal to make Lombardo Welcome Center the start of turning the campus greener. Millersville has made public that they have made a goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2040. This new beautiful building will be the start of this goal with more unknow changes coming within the next 19 years. In the picture you can see a picture of the newly built Lombardo Welcome Center right next the Student Memorial center in the middle of Millersville’s campus. picture

Lombardo Welcome Center Street View

The history of Millersville University : Millersville University is a 250-acre college in Lancaster. The college is big enough that the surroundings of it became its own borough. The college was established in 1885 and was originally named Lancaster County Normal School. Millersville was the first state normal school in Pennsylvania.  The name was later changed to Millersville University. Millersville University offers over 100 programs to choose from to get a degree in. This college has gone through many changes for the better such as having great clubs to join some of which try and help the efforts to make Millersville greener. The campus life seems to be great for the students that live on campus and students that commute to campus. Some of the student and staff alike feel that this is a green change for Millersville University. Since the start of Millersville it has grown to become one of the most highly regarded colleges in the northern states.  In the picture below you can see the original name and logo of Millersville. picture

Lombardo Welcome Center front view.

Sustainable energy: Since the Lombardo Welcome Center was built back in March of 2018 it still is gathering more natural power then is used in the building. This energy is now being built up and used in other buildings nearby to use more green power. Between now and 2040 Millersville university hopes to get more green energy to power this great campus. The less carbon that is being admitted to the planet the less of a footprint that Millersville is leaving behind. The Lombardo Welcome Center is said to generate 226,000 kilowatt-hours of energy each year. Another way that Millersville is going green around the campus is by having volunteers come in and help keep the campus clean. The volunteers will come in and check the campus for trash. In the picture below you can see the inside of the Lombardo Welcome Center. Picture

Sign in front of Building.

“The Lombardo Welcome Center is a valued campus resource that demonstrates Millersville University’s commitment to a sustainable future through form and function. We are proud to be recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for the building’s industry-leading design,” said Chris Steuer, Millersville University’s sustainability manager. “Using green power helps reduce our carbon footprint, while sharing this viable, affordable, accessible choice with our community.”(Millersville blogs, 2018)


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